1856 to 1858 Flying Eagle Cents - Flying Eagles for sale.
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Flying Eagle CentsThe first of the "small cents" the Flying Eagle penny was introduced in 1856, it was designed by James B. Longacre. The Flying Eagle cents were first released on May 25, 1857.
 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
8135 1857 Flying Eagle Cent VF30 $89.95    
1697 1857 Flying Eagle Cent G4 $18.00    
1003 1857 Flying Eagle Cent  

The obverse and reverse are warn to a VG level but there small dirtt, pit marks and scratches on the reverse but the coin has some value.

AG3 $11.00    
1701 1858 Flying Eagle Cent Large Letters G6 $27.00    
23069 1858 Flying Eagle Cent Cleaned VG8 $18.99    
23068 1858 Flying Eagle Cent G4 $18.99