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Home   >   1809 to 1836 Classic Head Half Cents for sale.

"ClassicThe classic head half cent was designed by John Reich, it weights 5.44 grams and is composed of copper. 3,637,912 classic head half cents were made between 1809 and 1836, although from 1812 through 1824 no half cents were made.

Only proof half cents minted in 1826, and it is thought that in 1831 only proof were minted, although there are a few of them known in worn condition. 1811, 1831 and 1836 are considered the rare dates.

 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
24186 1825 Classic Head Half Cent VF20       
24187 * 1832 Classic Head Half Cent VF20