1851 - 1873 Three Cent Silver Coins for sale.
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3 cent silver coinsThe three cent silver coins are the smallest coins authorized by congress, and they have 3 basic types / varieties: Type 1 1851-1853 (no lines bordering the star), Type 2 1854-1858 (3 lines bordering the star) and Type 3 1859-1873 (2 lines bordering the star).

The three cent silver coins were designed by James B. Longacre.
 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
24296 * 1852 Three Cent Silver T-1 F12       
17775 * 1858 Three Cent Silver T-2 VF20       
24295 * 1861 Three Cent Silver T-3 F12