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Home   >   1838 to 1857 Braided Hair Large Cents for sale.

Braided Hair Large CentsFacing negative public reaction, the large cents were redesigned in 1839 by engraver Christian Gobrecht since few were satisfied with the design. This last major change to the large cent updated the obverse by giving lady Liberty a slimmer, more youthful appearance. Minor tweaks continued through 1843, and the 1843 design prevailed through the end of production in 1857.
 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
24179 1817 Braided Hair Large Cent AG3       
24180 1831 Braided Hair Large Cent F12       
24182 1838 Braided Hair Large Cent F12       
24279 * 1849 Braided Hair Large Cent G4