1859 to 1909 Indian Cents - Indian head pennies for sale.
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Indian CentsThe Indian Head Cent first issued in 1859 is lady Liberty wearing an feathered headdress. (The word "LIBERTY" appears on the band of the headdress, though not mentioned in the treasury's records, the use of "LIBERTY" on the headdress at that time meant the figure was lady Liberty depicted as a Native American.) During the 1st year of issue the reverse had a laurel wreath, which was later change to an oak wreath with a shield at the top. The Indian head pennies were designed by James B. Longacre.
 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
4446 1908 S Indian Cent F12      click to view
1832 1908 Indian Cent VF20       
1833 1908 Indian Cent F12       
1835 1908 Indian Cent VG8       
5573 1909 Indian Cent  

There is a Long small scrateh on the face to the left and right of the cheek.

XF40      click to view
1127 1909 Indian Cent VF20      click to view
1126 1909 Indian Cent F12       
4540 1909 Indian Cent VG10       
1838 1909 Indian Cent G4       
7416 1909 Indian Cent VG8       
24164 1974 Indian Cent F12       


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