1909 to 1920 Lincoln Cents for sale.
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memorial lincoln pennywheat centsLincoln cents were minted from 1909 through today, there are two basic types of Lincoln cents, the wheat penny which includes the 1943 steel penny and the memorial penny.

The Lincoln cent was redesigned in 1959 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Lincoln cent, and now features the Lincoln memorial on the reverse.
 Part #  Desc  Grade  Price  Qty  Pic
18075 1909 S Lincoln Cent VDB PCGS AU50 $1050.00   click to view
17382 1909 S Lincoln Cent VDB NGC XF45 $995.00   click to view
17609 1909 S Lincoln Cent VDB PCGS  

The color in the picture is a natural planchet characteristic and does not effect the grade of the coin. This is part of the natural coin processing of coper coins.

XF40 $905.00   click to view
4889 1909 S Lincoln Cent F12 $70.00    
6529 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB MS63 $35.00   click to view
3506 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB XF40 $13.50    
3503 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB VF20 $12.75    
3522 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB F12 $12.00    
3521 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB VG8 $11.75    
3520 1909 Lincoln Cent VDB G4 $9.00    
14422 1909 Lincoln Cent MS64 $24.95   click to view
21680 1909 Lincoln Cent ANACS AU50 $14.00    
3501 1909 Lincoln Cent VF20 $8.00    
4466 1909 Lincoln Cent VG8 $3.00    
3502 1909 Lincoln Cent F12 $3.75    
23209 1909-1943 PDS Lincoln Cent  



This is an auction for two Wheat Rollsas a set and the following coins are included in the two roll coin set. All of the coins supplied will be picked out of the one's shown in the photo above. For instance five (5) coins will be picked randomly from the bag of coins from 1910-1919 which includes  Philadelphia, Denver (D) and San Francisco  (S) minted coins. The same will be done for the rest of the items in the list. The uncirculated Steel Cents are nice as show in the photograph and one of these will be included. I have done my best to reject any of the baldly rusted Steel cents in the circulated coins however a few flyspecks  are still possible. 

  1.  One (1) 1909 Lincoln Centaverage circulated.

  2. Five (5) coins from 1910 to1919. This batch includes  "P", #D# and "S" mints.

  3. Six (6) Lincoln Wheat Centsfrom the 20#s 

  4. Seven (7) Lincoln Wheat Centsfrom the 30#s

  5. Two (2) Uncirculated Steel wheatcent.

  6. Fifty Seven  (59) average circulated steelwheat cents.

The quantity two (2) available means two sets of two rolls each. If you purchase a quantity of one you receive two roll as with the coins delineated as above.


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Circulated $14.99    
21883 1910 S Lincoln Cent Scratches Rev VF20 $9.00    
4890 1910 S Lincoln Cent VF20 $18.00    
3524 1910 S Lincoln Cent F12 $16.00   click to view
3512 1910 S Lincoln Cent VG8 $15.00    
9360 1910 S Lincoln Cent G4 $10.50   click to view
22992 1910 Lincoln Cent CAC PCGS R&B  

This coin has a CAC stiker on it.

MS65 $405.00   click to view
7635 1910 Lincoln Cent MS62 $19.95   click to view
6508 1910 Lincoln Cent AU50 $7.50    
3510 1910 Lincoln Cent VF20 $1.50    
9362 1911 S Lincoln Cent F12 $43.00    
21371 1911 S Lincoln Cent VG10 $42.00    
4895 1911 S Lincoln Cent VG8 $36.00   click to view
4897 1911 S Lincoln Cent G4 $26.00    
19760 1911 D Lincoln Cent G4 $3.75    
3514 1911 Lincoln Cent F12 $1.00    
3541 1912 S Lincoln Cent F12 $20.00    
9364 1912 S Lincoln Cent G4 $14.00    
10631 1912 D Lincoln Cent  

The coin is a strong MS-62 and has a 10% RED on it on both the reverse and obverse.

MS62 $165.00   click to view
21678 1912 D Lincoln Cent ANACS XF45 $70.00   click to view
3538 1912 D Lincoln Cent F12 $5.25   click to view
17966 1912 D Lincoln Cent G4 $5.25    
3656 1912 Lincoln Cent VG8 $1.25    
7396 1912 Lincoln Cent G4 $1.10    
21675 1913 S Lincoln Cent ANACS AU50 $85.00    


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