1909-1958 P & D Wheat Cent Roll Mixed for sale.
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1909-1958 P & D Wheat Cent Roll Mixed for sale. 1909-1958 P & D Wheat Cent Roll Mixed G4 to F18 for sale.

1909-1958 P & D Wheat Cent Roll Mixed G4 to F18



This is an auction for two Wheat Rollsas a set and the following coins are included in the two roll coin set. All of the coins supplied will be picked out of the one's shown in the photo above. For instance five (5) coins will be picked randomly from the bag of coins from 1910-1919 which includes  Philadelphia, Denver (D) and San Francisco  (S) minted coins. The same will be done for the rest of the items in the list. The uncirculated Steel Cents are nice as show in the photograph and one of these will be included. I have done my best to reject any of the baldly rusted Steel cents in the circulated coins however a few flyspecks  are still possible. 

  1.  One (1) 1909 Lincoln Centaverage circulated.

  2. Five (5) coins from 1910 to1919. This batch includes  "P", #D# and "S" mints.

  3. Six (6) Lincoln Wheat Centsfrom the 20#s 

  4. Seven (7) Lincoln Wheat Centsfrom the 30#s

  5. Two (2) Uncirculated Steel wheatcent.

  6. Fifty Seven  (59) average circulated steelwheat cents.

The quantity two (2) available means two sets of two rolls each. If you purchase a quantity of one you receive two roll as with the coins delineated as above.


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