Pittsburgh area coin dealer specializing in U.S. coins and supplies. We carry large cents, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half and silver dollars, mint and proof sets, gold and much more.
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We are Coin Dealers specializing in U.S. Coins, Currency, Bust and Seated Dollars and Bust and Seated Halves and coin supplies.


I started to collect coins in 1960 and have been an avid collector and dealer ever since.  My passion is RED Lincoln Cents from 1909 to 1958d in high grade and I enjoy going through nice RED Lincoln rolls and getting them slabbed by PCGS and NGC.  I have almost 200 MS-67 RED Lincolns in my own collection.  My wife became interested in coins in 1990.  She began by helping me at shows and with the internet business. Now she works side by side with me in all phases of our coin business.

We have been attending up to 45 coin shows a year in places like Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh and have tables at a lot of them.  Recently we have concentrated on the internet business because of the difficulty of getting the coins into the show. We sell coins on eBay now as a second source of coin customers.  I have extensive knowledge in US coins and currency which are my favorite numismatic collectables.  We have a nice paper money selection and certainly more than is shown on the site.

Things We Can Do For You:

  • Discuss your coin collecting goals and how to proceed to achieve your goals.
  • What to start collecting and why?
  • How to learn to grade circulated coins?
  • How to find the best coins in a roll of coins of any denomination? This allows you to get them slabbed NGC and PCGS and learn to grade at the same time. This is a process I developed when picking out MS-67 and MS-68 RED Lincoln's so I know it works.
  • Decide to be a Collector or Investor. The coins you buy are completely different for each endeavor.
  • If you're new to collecting what books to have in your library?
  • Discuss foreign coins and currency for the beginner and major differences from US Coins and Currency?
I like to talk about coins to fellow collectors and if you have any questions in any of the above areas don't hesitate to contact me at 412-551-7068 or Joe@ProCoins.com